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Valve driver

Integrates hydraulic devices into CANopen networks

TKE (Finland) has launched a family of CANopen valve drivers. They comply with CiA 301, CiA 303-1, and CiA 401.

The valve drivers are available with a DT06 connector from Deutsch (Photo: TKE)

The DEVD-10 device comes with a DT06 connector for coils produced by Deutsch. On the CANopen interface it support all specified bit-rates from 125 kbi/s to 1 Mbit/s. The product monitors the configured RPDO timeout and shuts down automatically on errors. The application software supports closed-loop control of the hydraulic valve, and compensates dead-bands. The valve driver can be operated in three modes: on-off, positive or negative direction closed-loop PWM (pulse-width modulation).

The Finish provider supplies also the CDVD-10 device, which is similar to the above-described valve driver. It uses the same 77 mm x 37 mm x 28 mm enclosure. The difference is the connector; the device features open-ended cables. Alternatively, a Bosch Compact style connector for CAN and power supply is offered. The valve coil connector complies with ISO 4400 or DIN 43650-A.


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