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Hannover Messe 2017

CAN interface for proportional valves

The PD2 Electronics from Wandfluh (Switzerland) on the output side has a cable output for the free selection of the connecting plugs, or else it is installed directly on the solenoid.

(Photo: Wandfluh)

For both alternatives, the input signals are conducted through a cable connection. The PD2 Electronics is available in the version amplifier (open loop, without feedback value signal). The command value applied is conducted directly to the solenoid output. If required, a ramp (delay) can be set. The command value signal can optionally be a voltage, current, PWM, or frequency signal. Furthermore the PD2 Electronics is also available with a field-bus interface. Supported are CANopen and J1939.

All common parameters can be directly set on the PD2 housing with push-buttons. The values set are displayed by a three-digit 7-segment display. This display also serves to indicate diagnostics and analysis data. As an alternative, the parameterization software Paso PD2 can be used for the parameterization. Thereby the set values can be indicated on a PC. With the PD2 Electronics it is possible to control a 1-solenoid proportional valve in a simple manner. Proportional to the command value applied, a solenoid current is output. This current output is a Pulse-Width-Modulated signal, whereby the frequency is 1000 Hz. In addition a dither signal can be set which is superimposed on the solenoid current. The PD2 Electronics can also be utilized for controlling a 1-solenoid switching valve. In doing so, it is possible to set a power reduction. The product can be seen at the Hannover Messe 2017.


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