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Proportional valve

Supports the CiA 408 CANopen device profile

The D1FB and D3FB proportional hydraulic valves by Parker Hannifin comply with the CiA 408 specification (version 1.5.2). The valve parameters are factory set.

The valves support also the CANopen Layer Setting Services (LSS) as defined in the CiA 305 specification (Photo: Parker Hannifin)

The products are directly controlled proportional valves. They feature zero-overlap pistons. This makes them suitable for closed-loop control applications. The D1FB and D3FB series are available with spool/sleeve design as well as with spool/body design. According to the provider they feature high-repeatability from valve to valve, low hysteresis, failsafe center position, and manual override.

The valves can be configured by means of the supplier’s ProPxD software tool. This requires an additional communication interface (e.g. EIA-232). The devices cannot be configured by means of SDO. The CANopen functionality includes synchronous PDO transmission, EMCY transmission as well as Heartbeat. Additionally, the devices support Node and Life guarding. CiA does not recommend this function for new designs. The node-ID and the bitrate can be set by means of DIP switches or LSS services via the CAN interface.


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