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Linear drive

Dedicated for mobile machinery

The LA36 linear motion controller by Linak provides a J1939 interface. It is intended for heavy-duty vehicles.

The LA36 integrates a CAN interfaces (Photo: Linak)

Actuators with built-in CAN interface are easy to install and adjust to fit a wide range of heavy-duty machinery within e.g. agriculture and construction, said Linak. The J1939 application profile allows checking the position of the actuators, monitoring their diagnostic feedback, such as voltage, temperature, and other conditions, or coordinating the movement of several actuators in the system.

Typical applications include harvesters, seed drillers, sprayers, tractors as well as wheel loaders. The LA36 linear actuator can push up to 10 000 N at 160 mm/s. Of course, these figures depend on the spindle pinch and the gear ratio respectively the load. The stroke length is 100 mm to 999 mm. The device features build-in end-stop switches. The manufacturer said the product coming in an IP66/IP69K-rated housing is maintenance-free. It is certified for Zone 21 (IECE/Atex) and can be operated in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +65 °C.

The CAN physical layer interface complies with J1939-15 except the shielding. It supports 250 kbit/s and 500 kbit/s. The maximum supported network length is 40 m with stub lines up to 3 m. The number of nodes in one network segment is limited to 10 and can be extended to 30 under certain conditions. The interface do not provide a termination resistor.


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