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Safety valve

Getting home safely to the port

Eltorque has developed a failsafe actuator for ships. The products are battery-powered to bring the ship home safely.

The valves are controlled safely via the CAN interface (Photo: Eltorque)

“Many of our customers operate in remote areas, under extreme conditions. They know that if something goes wrong out there, help is far off. They trust us to deliver flawless functionality for valve control, and now we can deliver that functionality even in the event of power loss,” explained Arnstein Kjesbu, CEO of Eltorque. The company is manufacturer of electric valve actuators used in maritime applications.

Besides being failsafe, their battery solutions go beyond standard pneumatic spring-return functionality, said the company. The Norwegian provider has incorporated in its mission-critical actuators a hybrid CAN connector/cable that not only controls the actuator, but relays information to and from the unit. This enables operators to monitor in-situ the status while exercising control over the valve. Now that information is supplemented with battery status and capacity.

“Our company slogan is ‘Lifelong Intelligent Control’ said Kjesbu. “That describes not just what our actuators do, but what ship-owners get with our equipment controlling the vital valve systems on their ships. They don’t have to worry about maintenance, they have real-time communication with the actuators and the batteries, and they have full and precise control over valve functions – for the life of the ship.”

Eltorque supplies all-electric valve control actuators to fishing and offshore support vessels for decades. “Failsafe capability is of particular importance in segments like cruise, one of the key markets for Eltorque going forward,” said Kjesbu. “We have always delivered functionality and reliability, which is crucial to meeting the high standards of the cruise industry. Now failsafe battery control takes that reliability to the ultimate level. This is the next step in contributing to smarter and more reliable ships, and to ship-owners’ peace of mind.”


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