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Digital servo drives

Control motors up to 300 A

Ingenia (Spain) has launched the Titan Go and Titan Core servo controllers. The products are compliant with the CiA 402 CANopen profile.

The footprints of the Titan Go and the Titan Core are 172 mm x 206 mm (Photo: Ingenia)

The Titan family of digital servo drives support the following modes: profile position, profile velocity, profile torque, cyclic sync position, cyclic sync velocity, cyclic sync torque, homing, open loop vector, and open loop scalar. The products can drive permanently 200 A and 300 A in peak. They are pressure-tolerant and can be used in high and low temperature environments.

Both products can use several feedback components including digital encoder, sin/cos encoder, resolver, tachometer, analog inputs, etc. They provide four digital inputs and two digital outputs. The CANopen devices can control brushed and brushless DC and AC motors as well as linear brushless motors and voice coils. They are programmed by means of the free-of-charge MotionLAB programming and tuning software.

The Titan Go is for example used in the shown submersible used by scientists for deep-sea research purposes (Photo: Ingenia)
The Reem-C humanoid robotics research platform makes use of the Titan Core servo controllers (Photo: PAL Robotics)

The Titan Core is used, for example, in the modular Reem-C robotics research platform. The individual modules can be assembled using connecting parts to produce an individual lightweight arm. The rotary actuators are set in motion by a brushless servomotor with harmonic drive transmission, already incorporated with the complete power, angle sensors and control electronics. The modules are capable of positioning moves with ramp control and features monitoring of the end positions, voltage, current, and temperature. Due to the use of lightweight, high-strength materials they can achieve a weight/payload ratio exceeding 2:1. The power supply, control elements and communication interfaces are already integrated offering an all-in-one solution.


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