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Just 13 cm3 and 20 g

Elmo (Israel) has extended its Gold Twitter Nano family by a small and light-weighted servo-drive. It comes optionally with CANopen interface.

The tiny 80 A/80 V servo-drive of the Gold Twitter Nano family (Photo: Elmo Motion Control)

The 20-g servo drive with a volume of less than 13 cm3 is designed for applications with limited space and low-weight requirements. This includes, for example, battery-powered robots, a growing market in particular in Asia. The G-TWI 80A/80V is capable of delivering over 5 kW. The device features STO (safe-torque-off) function (IEC 61800-5-2) and is SIL-3 certified. The servo drives can be placed on the moving load, on the motor, or in the motor thus improving performance, saving space, reducing cables, and almost eliminating electrical cabinets.

"Designing and manufacturing a powerful drive such as the Gold Twitter requires lots of innovation to accomplish the challenges of creating the most advance servo performance, very efficient power conversion, and thermal and heat smart control, meet severe EMI needs, high ruggedness to withstand tough environmental conditions, comply with very tough safety STDs and with utmost Quality and Reliability. Such an ultra-tiny servo drive serves Elmo's philosophy for leaner machinery that performs with the highest speed and accuracy. It really demonstrates Elmo's approach of ‘Cutting Costs by Technology’,” explained Haim Monhait, Elmo’s motion control CEO. "Our robust motion control solutions are integrated at the heart of machines enabling highest speed and precision. Elmo's solutions facilitate support for todays and tomorrow's advanced motion systems,” Monhait concluded.


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