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Drive controller

Comes housing-free and with cooling element

The Inveor P by Kostal is a CANopen-based drive controller without housing but a cold plate, which conducts the waste heat from the electronics to a cooling element of the customer application.

Housing-free Inveor P with a customer-side cooling element (Photo: Kostal)

The product enables complete integration into the housing and the cooling circuit of the customer application, while simultaneously avoiding a "housing-within-the-housing design". Drive controllers are usually mounted in the control cabinet, or in sectors, such as the "pump, fan, and compressor" industry, also decentralized on the motor or close to the motor as a wall-mounted assembly.

The drive controller electronics can be integrated into the customer’s system or installed into its own housing. The main focus here is on the keyword "integration", because the product can be integrated completely and invisibly into the customer's existing application environment and housing, without developing a custom OEM solution for this purpose.

Like the entire Inveor series, the launched drive controller covers a range of motor ratings within a range from 0,25 kW to 22 kW with five sizes. Optionally it comes with CANopen connectivity or interfaces to other network technologies. The product also offers a programmable soft PLC solution.

The integration of discreet power electronics into specific housing designs thereby leads to the problem that installation plates, machine castings, or ribbed housing parts, need to be connected with the power semiconductor device of the drive electronics. However, this connection is subject to strict quality requirements with regard to the mechanical and thermal attachment.

A cold plate was therefore developed as a cooling interface for the system environment as a technical solution on the Inveor P side. In this case, the cold plate allows the existing thermal sink of the customer application environment to be adapted. In this way, synergies in the customer application are used to conduct the waste heat of the power electronics to the environment. This means that no further mechanical cooling devices need to be integrated. The considerable thermal reserves of the Kostal drive electronics allow the customer room to maneuver for the layout of up to +85 °C in the ambient temperatures of the power electronics.


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