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Battery for e-cargo bikes

BMZ (Germany) offers the Cargo Battery for e-cargo bikes. It comes with CAN.

The Cargo Battery (Photo: BMZ)

A trend in mobility is sweeping major European cities: more and more companies are using e-cargo bikes to deliver their goods on time quickly, inexpensively, and in a way that’s good for the environment. These bicycles are suited for transporting loads across short and medium distances without producing any exhaust emissions. In addition, switching to a bicycle promotes health.

Besides environmental aspects, cargo bikes offer advantages for urban deliveries: they are more agile in these areas and easier to park. Local transportation applications include, for instance, pizza delivery services and trade work in urban areas. Mailmen working for Deutsche Post use e-cargo bikes to deliver packages. Small companies apply them, too. In Denmark, families ride cargo bikes to transport children, dogs, and to do daily shopping.

Transporting loads that are much larger or heavier than those usually moved on two wheels places unique demands on bicycles and on individual components. This is especially true of batteries. If classic in-bike installation is not required, BMZ's Cargo Battery is able to offer 1,5 kW. The company ensures a stable mount using an aluminum cast C-Profile developed in-house. A Twin Core (two batteries in parallel) is available using a switch. The battery has a breathable housing and a charger for various configurations. CAN and Uart interfaces are available. The Cargo Battery has an improved locking mechanism, and is downwardly compatible with previous Cargo Batteries.


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