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Servo controller

Features CANopen and STO

The Argus servo controller by Copley Controls (USA) addresses in particular AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It is designed for OEMs.

The CANopen-connectable servo controller delivers 30 A of continuous current (Photo: Copley Controls)

The CiA 402 compliant product operates from 9 VDC to 55 VDC or 14 VDC to 90 VDC. The CAN interface is galvanically isolated. Additionally, there are EIA-232 and EIA-422 ports as well as some local analog and digital I/Os. The servo controller features a safe torque-off (STO) functionality, which complies with SIL-3 (safety integrity level) according to IEC 61508. It supports feedback interfaces for absolute and incremental encoders as well as for resolvers. This includes Biss, Endat, and SSI interfaces. In stand-alone mode, it features analog torque, velocity, position reference, and digital position reference.

Connected via CANopen to a host controller several modes specified in CiA 402 are supported including the interpolated position and the homing mode. The servo controller is base on the company’s FPGA solution and can be parameterized and programmed via the EIA-232 interface. The supplier provides the CMO software and the CML Motion Library. They support the integration of the servo controller into CANopen networks, which unburdens the system designer to deal with low-level CANopen driver programming. In Germany, Maccon distributes the Copley products.


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