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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen drive features 180 W to 370 W

EBM-Papst (Germany) presents its ECI 63.xx K5 drive system based on a brushless DC motor.

The drive system comes with a CANopen interface (Photo: EBM-Papst)

The SPS IPC Drives 2017 tradeshow casts its shadows ahead. EBM-Papst announced already its drive system in the 180 W to 370 W power range for use in industrial applications. The product is based on an electrically commutated internal rotor motor in size 63. In comparison to AC standard motors with variable frequency drives, this series features improved efficiency, higher power density, and integrated electronics. Based on a BLDC internal rotor motor with an integrated electronics module, the ECI 63.xx K5 device offers an embedded CANopen interface. The CANopen NMT slave device complies with the CiA 402 device profile. Digital and analog inputs and outputs are used for additional control functions.


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