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FMS-to-EIA-232 converter

The CANgine-Light converts FMS (fleet management system) data into serial data. It is based on a 48-MHz micro-controller.

The applied Cortex-M0 processor is equipped with an on-chip CAN module (Photo: ESS)

As a further development to the CANgine No.1 sold a thousand times and whose 8-bit MCU is outdated by now, ESS presented the CANgine-Light. It is equipped with a 32-bit Cortex-M0 micro-controller with CAN. As it is clocked internally with 48 MHz, plenty of power reserves for further firmware extensions are available. The applied Cortex MCU with on-chip CAN allows firmware changes or extensions. The CAN bit rate is 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, or 667 kbit/s.

The converter is a solution for reading out FMS data from commercial vehicles. For subsequent processing of this data, three different output formats are available. Each of these formats is optimized to either to be read by the user, to be displayed in spreadsheet applications, or for further software processing. Power supply is provided via CAN connector. The FMS-to-EIA-232 converter combines hardware with firmware. The device supports all FMS specifications including the actual FMS3 release.

The device can be connected to the CAN-based FMS interface on the vehicle. The output of all FMS data is done in text form via the serial interface. Thus, the converter enables any onboard telematics computer with a serial interface to have carefree access to the FMS data and thus offers a platform-independent access to the data.


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