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CAN interface enables link to in-vehicle network

The Vectopower family comprises of inverters and DC/DC converters. The products can be used in trucks, locomotives, and ships.

The Vectopower family powers different kinds of vehicles (Photo: Aradex)

Aradex (Switzerland) develops and manufactures the inverters. Their basic function is to regulate current and voltage for the electric motor, thus determining speed and torque. Inverters do this by converting direct current into 3-phase alternating current or vice versa, without mechanically moving parts. The products are optimized for mobile applications from 20 kW to 1 MW and can therefore be used in all types of electrified utility vehicles, construction machines, or even ships.

The inverters can be used for traction drives, function drives, generators, high-frequency applications, island network generation, power supply, as well as DC/DC conversion. The integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) and the corresponding pre-installed firmware make it possible to implement complex control tasks. On its website the company states: “With a capacity of 350 kVA and a construction volume of less than 10 liters, we are sure that the equipment will fit almost everywhere and still get even more power for your drive. An excellent efficiency of 98 % can be realized.”

The CAN interface enables the connection to the CAN-based in-vehicle network. The products are IP65-rated. German TÜV has tested the Vectopower according to requirements on rail vehicles, ships, and heavy-duty vehicles. The VP600 inverter featuring CAN connectivity is suitable for mobile as well as stationary applications. The VP5000 DC/DC converter is available in 800-V and 1-kV versions. They also provide CAN interfaces.


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