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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CANopen servo drive with CANopen cable

At the SPS IPC Drives 2017, Wittenstein shows its Simco drive servo controllers with CANopen interface.

The drive comes with four digital inputs and two digital outputs (Photo: Wittenstein)

The real-time-capable servo drive is suitable for sine-commutated servo motors in the voltage range of +24 VDC to +48 VDC and a maximum capacity of up to 1,5 kW. The drive is available as a control cabinet variant (IP20) or in a decentralized design with protection rating IP65. In addition to CANopen, other interfaces such as Servos, Ethercat, Profinet, EIA-232, and Ethernet are available and enable connection to a range of control systems. Integration of the drive with CANopen is enabled according to protocol standard CiA 402. This permits implementation of numerous operating modes, e.g. profile position, profile velocity, etc. as well as dynamic PDO mapping: Process data can be changed via dynamic PDO mapping even during operating time.

The product provides continuous/peak power of 125 W, 500 W, and 750 W, current measurements with current control of 8µs/14 bit, as well as Safe Torque Off according to SIL 3. Diagnostics with a PC-based user interface/MotionGUI software is possible. Several pre-configured cables are available for commissioning of the user’s drive system, including for CANopen. The cables are EMC-shielded and provide a temperature range of -30 °C to +80 °C.


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