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SPS IPC Drives 2017

CiA 402 compliant stepper controller

Smart Motor Devices (Estonia) has introduced the SMSD-4-2CAN controller, which provides CANopen connectivity. It comes with an additional USB port.

The micro-stepper features also four digital inputs and two digital outputs (Photo: Smart Motor Devices)

The stepper motor controller supports the CiA 402 CANopen device profile. It features most of the specified functions for stepper motors. The micro-stepper (1/1 up to 1/128) can be operated as a velocity or position controller. Absolute as well as relative movements are possible. Via CANopen it communicates to the host controller, e.g. a PLC (programmable logic controller). The supplier offers also the CANopen builder software tool. It enables to configure graphically the parameter. The configuration interface is either CANopen or USB.

The CAN interface is equipped by default with a termination resistor. Besides some additional digital I/Os, the device provides a 5-VDC power output as well as an input for connecting external braking resistors (up to 33 Ohm). The Estonian company presented this product at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nuremberg (Germany).


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