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Vector control drives

Come with CANopen interface

Delta Electronics (Taiwan) has developed the MH300 and MS300 series. They provide CANopen connectivity by default respectively optionally.

The CANopen interface complies with CiA 402 and supports the type-specific PDO mapping (Photo: Delta Electronics)

Delta's MH300 and MS300 series are vector control drives that inherit Delta’s drive technology—all in a compact drive that reduced 40 % in size, claims the supplier. A variety of essential functions are built-in by default: PLC capacity for simple programming needs, a slot for a CANopen card, and a USB port for data uploads and downloads. This saves the need for additional hardware, while providing more installation space for the power cabinet. Other key features include: Support for both IM and PM motor control, an STO function to ensure operation while protecting facilities from damage, and a scoreless wiring.

The MH300 comes with a CANopen interface; for the MS300 it is optional. The bus interface is available at the RJ-45 connector. Bit-rates up to 500 kbit/s are configurable. The drive complies with the CiA 402 profile and features four pre-defined TPDOs and four RPDOs. Additionally to CANopen, the drive supports the company’s CAN-based DMCNET and Devicenet.


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