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Drive controller

Wall-mountable and IP66-rated

Kostal (Germany) provides the Vertimo series of drive controllers equipped by default with CANopen and Modbus interfaces. There are four sizes manufactured.

The supplier offers for its inverters application macros for industrial, pump, and fan operations (Photo: Kostal)

The wall-mountable Vertimo drive controllers are available for a power range from 0,37 kW to 22 kW. They feature over- and under-voltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection. The CANopen-compatible products feature PI control functionality, fixed frequencies, flying restart, motor current limitation, and several application macros for industrial, pump as well as fan operations. Besides the default CANopen and Modbus interface, the user can add other interface boards. Additionally, the device is equipped with some configurable discrete I/O lines. The IP66-rated product comes with an integrated LED display. Integrated potentiometer, direction of rotation switch, and grid disconnector are optional features.


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