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Comes now with J1939-interface

Delta-Q (Canada) has announced the expansion of its capabilities to support the J1939 standards in its battery charging solutions.

The battery chargers are available with CANopen and J1939 support (Photo: Delta-Q)

J1939 is the preferred CAN-based higher-layer protocol for in-vehicle networks for trucks and buses as well as utility vehicles and outdoor power equipment. The expansion to J1939 provides OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) the ability to integrate the battery charger’s data into a vehicle system, which includes telematic applications, in a simple and functional manner. This adds to Delta-Q’s CAN capabilities for charge control, and/or charge monitoring, for a more integrated lead acid or lithium system. It also provides OEMs with the flexibility to update battery algorithm and charger software through CAN programs to ensure quality in a vehicle’s battery charge or provide full autonomous control of their applications.

“As one of the few charging solutions to offer this capability, we’re excited to better support our customers that use this protocol standard across their products,” said Trent Punnett from Delta-Q. “With the goal to constantly evolve and serve our customers’ needs, the new ability to meet J1939 requirements opens opportunities—for our OEM customers—in system level design and support to integrate chargers into equipment needing telematics.”

The J1939 communication model creates an open interconnected system that allows ECUs (electronic control units) belonging to different device manufacturers to communicate with each other. Integration of J1939 into Delta-Q’s charging solutions further enforces the company as a charging supplier with capability to support products in industry fields such as e-mobility, golf, and military.


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