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Valve island

With CANopen interface

Buerkert presented its Airline (Type 8652) valve island for control cabinets. The CANopen-connectable product provides integrated monitoring and diagnostic functions.

The IP20-rated devices feature an operating voltage of 24 VDC (Photo: Buerkert)

The device was designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and beverage industries as well as for water treatment applications. It offers users adjustable monitoring and diagnostic functions. An integrated display for this purpose shows detailed on-site information such as the current switching statuses of the pilot and process valves, issues a message if pre-set pressure limit values are exceeded or displays errors such as cable breaks in plain text. During development, particular attention was also devoted to the compact design. The valve island fits into control cabinets that can be placed close to the process valves.

The valve island communicates via various protocols including CANopen. Every single valve is hot-swap capable, which means it can be replaced during live operation without shutting down the system. As an additional safety function, check valves are used in the exhaust channel. These prevent the unwanted activation of valves by pressure peaks and the resulting mixing of media.

With the product, the company is expanding the Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP). The EDIP device platform includes numerous functions and adapted HMI devices that facilitate the integration of new devices into systems. The free-of-charge Buerkert software – the Communicator – enables diagnostic functions such as monitoring of operating data as well as alarm messages for customer-specific parameters.