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Hannover Messe 2018

Frequency inverter with CANopen interface

At Hannover Messe 2018, Teco (Taiwan) presented its A510s series of drives. Optionally, the products provide a CANopen interface.

The A510s drives are made for elevator, crane, and compressor applications (Photo: Teco)

Designed for heavy overload and demanding applications such as crane, elevator, drill, and punching as well as pressing machines. Auto-tuning function enables performance to be obtained from the motor providing optimum motor and system efficiency. The drive has an integrated control for induction and permanent-magnet motors. It features protection against short-circuits, inverter-overload, motor-overload, over- and under-voltage as well as overheat. A 15-ms power-loss causes a restart, which can be configured to 2 ms in minimum.

The 3-phase inverters are suitable for 200 V or 400 V. They provide 0,75 kW to 315 kW. There are five motor control modes supported: V/f, V/f with feedback, current vector control with or without feedback, and PM vector control with feedback. The drive with built-in PLC implements a 100-MHz dual-core processor. There is also an expansion port for an optional encoder interface. The JN5-CM-CAN CANopen module complies with CiA 402 but not with CiA 417 for CANopen lift application.


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