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Positioning controller

With CANopen interface

Maxon Motor (Switzerland) has developed the Epos4 70/15 positioning controller, the most powerful model of this series. It provides a maximum output of 2,1 kW.

The Epos4 70/15 positioning controller supports CANopen (Photo: Maxon Motor)

The CANopen controller comes in a metal housing. It complies with CiA 301, CiA 305, and CiA 402 providing NMT slave functionality. It delivers up to 2,1 kW of output power and is suitable for controlling both brushed and brushless BLDC motors. Its operating is from -30 °C to +50 °C. The various digital and analog connections can be configured, and the unit is suitable for use with a variety of feedback systems. In addition, the Epos Studio software enables commissioning and integration into a range of master systems.

The CiA 402 motion control profile implementation features Profile Position mode, Profile Velocity mode, Homing mode as well as Cyclic Synchronous modes. Quickstop function as specified in CiA 402 is supported, too. Additionally, the product controls holding of brakes and provides the STO (safe torque-off) function.


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