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Stepper motor drivers

Enabling rapid application development with CAN and CANopen

Trinamic Motion Control, supplier of semiconductors, electronics, and mechatronic solutions in the fields of motor and motion control, announced the extension of the motor mountable modules by the TMCM-1240.

The TMCM-1240 features a sensorless homing function (Photo: Trinamic)

The module incorporates Trinamic´s latest stepper motor drive technologies including the silent control mode Stealthchop in its second generation and the sensorless load-dependent current scaling Coolstep. The magnetic Sensostep encoder provides safe step-loss detection even in stand still.

"15 years ago, we pioneered the market of smart motors with our product line and kept pushing the envelope of integration over the years.", explained Michael Randt, founder and CEO of Trinamic. "With the latest product releases, we updated smart stepper motor drives to the latest and leading-edge technologies of current control and sensorless diagnostics.”

The TMCM-1240 embeds advanced motor control functions, motion control, and PLC features like all other TMCM modules. Host communication is possible via the Classical CAN interface using TMCL, the optional CANopen protocol, or EIA-S485. Together with the free to use TMCL-IDE, the module allows for implementation of a standalone program flow and remote-controlled operation.

Designed for an operating voltage of +12 VDC to +24 VDC nominal at up to 2-A RMS phase current resulting in 0,22 Nm to 0,7 Nm pullout-torque, the module offers current control technologies based on Trinamic’s latest stepper motor driver generation. With Trinamic’s Stealthchop current control for silent positioning at low speed and Spreadcycle for performance at high speed, the module provides performance wherever small stepper motors are used.

An integrated Sixpoint ramp generator per axis allows for rapid positioning – even in environments where parameters and target positions must be changed during motion. The module has L+R reference switch inputs for every axis and comes with Stallguard2 for sensorless homing.


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