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PLC drives stepper motors

All parameters are communicated via CAN

The MC-800 stepper controller from Barth Elektronik (Germany) features directly connection to one bipolar stepper motor up to 2,8 A. It supports both, open and closed-loop operation modes.

The MC-800 stepper controller can be controlled via CAN from the lococube mini-PLC without the need to be programmed (Photo: Barth Elektronik)

One lococube mini-PLC (programmable logic controller) can drive up to 64 MC-800 motor controllers via Classical CAN simultaneously. So multi-axis motion and pick-and-place applications can be served. All relevant stepper motor parameters such as speed, position, ramp, step mode, phase current are communicated via CAN. This enables flexible options for individual stepper applications. The device additionally provides connection terminals for encoder and limit switches. These features open up application fields in industrial, automotive, and 12-V or 24-V battery-powered applications. The stepper controller is also available as customer-tailored OEM version within eight weeks.


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