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Innotrans 2018

24-V excitation device for synchronous traction generators

Published 2018-07-27

VEM Sachsenwerk (Germany) exhibits in Berlin at the Innotrans 2108 fair its CAN-connectable TIBS-XD2T-24V.

The TIBS-XD2T-24V is designed for rail vehicle applications (Photo: VEM)

The bi-annual world-leading exhibition for rail-vehicles takes place in Berlin (Germany). CAN is used in embedded networks including traction control systems. VEM Sachsenwerk shows its excitation device for brushless synchronous traction generators. It provides a variable excitation current. The product is designed for the supply and control of two independent traction converters. The supply of the DC-link voltages is provided, as well. Depending on the hardware, the transducers can be measured in the ranges from 0 V to 10 V respectively from 0 mA to 50 mA. The CAN interface can be used to communicate with the host controller. The product has a variety of generator protection functions such as diode fault detection, over-temperature handling (six sensors), and speed-characteristics controlled excitation current limiter. Further digital I/O ports are optionally available.