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Regenerative power supply

Can be interfaced with CANopen and Devicenet

The FFE200 series is the Gefran (Italy) solution for regenerative power supply to be used as an alternative to traditional braking resistors.

The FFE200 series reduces the cabinet size and does not require complex filters (Photo: Gefran)

The products with CANopen and Devicenet connectivity are suitable for currents of up to 880 A in stand-alone configuration and up to 4000 A in parallel configuration for three-phase 400 VAC or 690 VAC power supplies. The can be used with the SMB200 when the system has different motorizing energy and braking needs, thereby reducing overall system cost, stated the Italian supplier.

The front-end power supply unit can mange 150‑percent overloads for 60 seconds every fie minutes. The CE-certified devices feature analog and digital I/O ports. The can work in altitudes up to 2000 m, which is important for some regenerative power generating systems. The temperature range is specified for 0 °C to +40 °C.


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