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Stepper motor drive

Positioning with up to 5000 min-1

Trinamic (Germany) has announced the extension of the Pandrive product line by the PD42-3-1241 and the TMCM-1241 modules. They provide CAN connectivity.

The Pandrive stepper motor controller is integrated in a Nema17 motor enclosure (Photo: Trinamic)

Stepper motors are suitable precise, reliable positioning at low and medium speeds. The introduced products push the envelope for stepper motor applications to positioning with up to 5000 rotations per minute. "We entered the market of smart motors 15 years ago and have been at the forefront of integration ever since. With this latest product, our line of smart stepper motor drives is updated with the latest and leading-edge technologies of current control and sensor-less diagnostics,” stated Michael Randt, founder and CEO of Trinamic.

The launched products feature the company’s second generation Stealth-Chop, the silent stepper motor drive technology for quiet stepper motors, as well as Spread-Cycle for smooth motion control. Cool-Step, the sensor-less load-dependent current control, ensures energy-efficient operation of the motor while the magnetic encoder provides step-loss detection for safety – even in standstill.

Developed for a +10 VDC to +30 VDC operating voltage at up to 3 A phase current, the PD42-3-1241 Pandrive and TMCM-1241 module can reach up to 5000 min-1. The programming is supported by TMCL-IDE tool. Host communication is possible via the CAN interface and the optional CANopen software. Besides some CiA 402 parameters, the CANopen interface provides several manufacturer-specific configuration parameters.

An integrated Six-Point ramp generator allows for precise and rapid positioning – even in environments in which parameters and target positions must be changed during motion. The drive has L+R reference switch inputs and comes with Stall-Guard2 for sensor-less homing.


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