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Li-ion battery

Featuring CANopen connectivity

Super B (Netherlands) has developed batteries coming with a CANopen interface. They are designed to replace 250-Ah to 320-Ah lead-acid batteries.

The battery’s CANopen interface complies with the CiA 418 battery device profile and can be linked by means of USB dongles to other devices (Photo: Super B)

The Li-ion traction battery with a rated capacity of 160 Ah requires just a third space compared to lead acid batteries. The SB12V160E-ZC by Super B is rechargeable. It comes with an integrated 72-V/500-A fuse and features a 480-A continuous discharge. The IP50-rated product implements a battery management system and provides CANopen connectivity. The battery is suitable for grid power and marine power supply as well as for vehicle applications.

The CiA 418 compliant CANopen interface can also be used in NMEA 2000 networks. If multiple batteries are connected to the network, they can be monitored simultaneously by one NMT master device, which can be connected by means of a USB dongle, for example. The default bit-rate is 250 kbit/s. The default node-ID is 10, which needs to be reconfigured in systems with multiple batteries. Node-ID 1 is reserved for the NMT master device. Besides the CiA 418 parameters, the CANopen interface supports also manufacturer-specific parameters.


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