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Hydronic water heater

Optionally controlled via CAN

The third generation of the water heater by Eberspaecher (Germany) is suitable for different vehicles, from cars to heavy-duty trucks. provides even more efficient heating performance in a compact design.

The Hydronic S3 Economy and the Hydronic S3 Commercial water heaters feature 5,6 kW heat outputs (Photo: Eberspaecher)
Using Easystart Web, the pre-heater can be controlled with a few clicks (Photo: Eberspaecher)

The Hydronic S3 Commercial 24-V power variant produces a 5,6-kW heat output and featues automatic adjustment at altitudes up to 3000 m for trucks and construction site vehicles. The Hydronic S3 Economy CAN/switching plus” variant replaces the previous “CAN/LIN” variant, and now enables control via switching plus in addition to the CAN interface.

The water heater is compatible with the CAN-capable operating elements. Available from fall, the Easystart Web version switches the heater on even faster than before. It also has a built-in function to utilize the residual heat from the motor. That saves energy, and helps protect the environment. Easystart Web is easy to install due to its integrated antenna and the pre-installed SIM chip in the receiver unit. Easystart Web offers the customary user-friendly control options by smartphone, smartwatch or any other internet-enabled end device. The heater's compact size means it can be installed even in vehicles, in which space is tight. Eberspaecher (Germany) supplies vehicle-specific kits for quick installation in cars, saving time and facilitating work.

The Easyscan diagnostic and service unit enables workshops to carry out comprehensive analysis of a heating system's current operating state. Features include support to initial setup, error analysis, and error display in plain text. Also, when enabled by the customer, Easystart Web can provide detailed remote diagnostics.


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