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Traction inverter with J1939 interface

Curtiss-Wright Industrial division exhibits at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo North America 2018 products from its legacy brands of Arens Controls and Williams Controls.

The WTI traction controller features CAN connectivity (Photo: Curtiss-Wright)

The exhibited traction inverters operate with multiple motor technologies – including AC induction, permanent-magnet synchronous (PMS) and interior permanent-magnet (IPM) types. – The products offers self-protection with both current and transistor temperature measuring locally to the IGBTs.

A torque motor-control mode is available for hybrid applications, speed mode for pure-electric applications, or DC bus voltage mode. In DC bus mode, the inverter can moderate adverse and damaging voltages resulting from situations including regenerative braking. The CAN interface supports the J1939 application layer. The controller features also customizable, discrete digital, analog, and solenoid-drive control options.

The inverters are available under the Arens Controls brand. Curtiss-Wright is a company that delivers products and services for commercial, industrial, defense and energy markets. Building on the heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, the company has a long tradition. The company employs approximately 8000 people worldwide. This includes also the CAN-connectable products by Penny & Giles, which includes joysticks.


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