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Sliding truck roof

Can be integrated into IVNs

Edscha presented at IAA 2018 (hall 27, stand C11) its Openbox system. The electric drive handles the sliding truck roof automatically.

The automatic sliding truck roof is intended for automated warehouse applications (Photo: Edscha)

Edscha Trailer System has launched two innovations to its range of products: the Openbox sliding roofs for sliding floor vehicles and trailers with fixed wall structures and E-Drive, the automatic system for the electrical opening and closing of roofs. The company’s Tipperroof sliding roof concept for modern dumper vehicles laid the foundations for the development of a sliding roof for trailers with fixed wall structures. With the Openbox solutions it is now setting a further milestone in the manufacture of roofs that not only protect the cargo from the effects of the weather but also and simultaneously save fuel. The latter was proven by tests in the wind tunnel: trailers with the closed Openbox sliding roof are substantially more aerodynamic, offer less wind resistance and thus save fuel.

The roof can be closed and opened by the driver from the ground. The structure stays smooth and sealed, even with bulges of up to ± 30 mm. The modular structure, comprising steel rails and exchangeable segments, also reduces repair time. The heart of the structure is the floating suspension of the steel rail system.

The electric drive of the sliding truck roof is operated using an adjustable capstan winch. The system is operable at any time, almost wear-free, and has a manual emergency function. This E-Drive system can be controlled by default using a switch on the trailer and a switch in the cab with a tilt indicator and overload protection or with an Android app via Bluetooth. A connection for external operation and a CAN-based interface to the in-vehicle networks (IVN) are also available. Another plus point is the low-power consumption of under 20 A at 24 V. Thus there is no problem connecting the E-Drive to the existing electrical system on the vehicle.

The control and gateway device provides connections to the in-vehicle CAN network and the remote control unit via Bluetooth (Photo: Edscha)

In automated warehouses, driverless transport systems are essential. This includes the automatic opening and closing of truck roofs. Edscha provides tarpaulin roofs as well as curtail-sider roofs. Further additional functions can be integrated such as hydraulic flap controls and a camera connection. Additional variations for other automatic roofs are under development. Integrating into DIN 4630 networks to communicate with the “cloud” is not yet considered.