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Safe motion controller

Featuring STO shutdown

Faulhaber has introduced a series of motion controllers certified for operation up to safety integrity level SIL-3 (IEC 61800-5-2) and up to performance level PL-e (ISO 13849-1).

The motion controller with STO shutdown comes optionally with a CANopen interface (Photo: Faulhaber)

The STO (safe torque off) function interrupts immediately the power supply in case of a detecting safety issue. This prevents the motor to product any torque. "The new motion controllers ensure safety in the collaboration between human and machine, even in an Industry 4.0 environment," emphasized Volker Hausladen from Faulhaber. "At the signal of a safety device – such as a light curtain – the driven unit is switched off in compliance with standards and the event is signaled or visualized locally and on a higher-level system." The devices are connectable to CANopen and other interfaces. As a result, they are able to communicate in real-time with the host controller.

The motion controllers of the MC 5004 P STO series are powered with up to 50 V. The peak current of up to 12 A enables safety-relelated applications in machines and robots in combination with motors from Faulhaber. System solutions are thereby available that each covers the safe operation of an entire axis. The motor type to be connected can be selected. In addition, the special control structure of the series enables high dynamics during operation of the motors. The integrated profile generator can also handle complex operating profiles. Moreover, position, speed, and current can be controlled via CANopen.

The launched devices do not require an additional safety relay for the interruption of the motor supply, thereby keeping wiring simple and economical. A likewise certified motherboard, a consistent connector concept and an extensive selection of cable accessories also simplify the electrical connection. According to the supplier, the Motion Manager application software offers a programming environment that facilitates a simple commissioning.

Subsidiary in Italy

In January 2019, Faulhaber will open a sales company in Lomazzo, north of Milan. This subsidiary will take over sales and service of from the long-time distributor, Servotecnica. "Italy is a significant market for us, one in which we would like to be present throughout," explained Marcus Remmel, managing director of the Italian branch. "There are many very interesting companies in the country, for example in the area of hand-tools or medical and automation technology, some of which are already our customers.


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