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Switches between blue and amber

The DBS 5000 LED bi-colored light-bar system by Haensch (Germany) comes with a CAN interface compliant to CiA 447 (CANopen) or Firecan (DIN 14700).

The light-bar is optionally available with CAN connectivity (Photo: Haensch)

The blue warning signal is used to clear a path on the way to a location. The beacon can be switched to amber at the scene in order to act as a warning signal to secure the area. The product is designed to be low-wind resistant and to achieve reduced noise levels.

The light-bar comes in different lengths (from 700 mm to 1800 mm). It features automatic day/night switching and infrared LED for helicopter detection. The device includes a direction indicator, work lights, and additional flashers. Vehicle-specific carrier systems offer additional mounting options.

The CAN interface complies with the CiA 447 CANopen profile for add-on devices as well as with DIN 14700 also known as Firecan. Firecan uses some features from CANopen (EN 50325-4). In November, CiA provides a general seminar on CiA 447.


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