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Battery charger

With CANopen and J1939 support

The RC1000 from Delta-Q is a 24-V battery charger intended for use on residential and industrial electric applications.

The CAN connectivity allows monitoring the charging process (Photo: Delta-Q)

The CANopen and SAE J1939 CAN interface provides real-time charger data including charge status, charge history as well as error and fault logs for faster troubleshooting. The charger is suitable for applications in floor care, utility vehicles, aerial work platforms, and material handling.

For lithium-ion battery applications, the BMS (battery management system) can control the charger through the CAN interface. The IP-66 rated product provides algorithms to precisely charge all types of lithium and lead-acid batteries (including deep-cycle) while balancing charge time, battery life, and application requirements.

The 1-kW charger complies with UNECE R10 and European touch-safe voltage regulations allowing integration into electric vehicles. There is a safety interlock to prevent vehicle movement while charging. The product comes optionally with a handle.


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