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Servo drives

With CANopen plug-in card

The Ipos4808 VX is a plug-in card from Technosoft’s Ipos line of servo drives that can control a DC brush, rotary / linear brushless, or step motor up to 400 W.

The plug-in card measures 44 mm x 56 mm (Photo: Technosoft)

Executing locally programmed functions or instructions received via communication networks, the servo drive interface with typical feedback devices like incremental and sin/cos encoders, digital, or linear Hall sensor. Communication channels include CAN and CANopen. The Ipos4808 VX is rated for 8-A continuous (at 48 V) and 20-A peak current.

The product integrates basic motor control functions and motion control features on a single plug-in module. The device comes with a PCI Express (peripheral component interconnect express) mating connectors and can be mounted vertically on a motherboard. The plug-in card format and its weight of 15 g makes it suitable for assembly in critical-space applications.

This drive is capable of performing in various modes, including position control, speed control, torque, external analog, reference, etc. Two-phase or three-phase steppers are controllable in closed loop mode or sinusoidal field oriented control. The drive also features sinusoidal control of brushless motors. Several digital inputs and outputs, as well as analog inputs are available for direct integration in the user application.

For the definition and execution of motion sequences, the company’s Motion Language (TML) instruction set is supported. The motion sequences can be stored and executed in standalone mode operation of the drive. Commissioning and programming are enabled with the Technosoft Easymotion Studio software platform.

The company exhibited its products at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.


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