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Modular motion control systems

Positioning of brackets and clamps

Leantechnik (Germany) offers the Actuator Flexible Position (AFP) system, which uses an embedded CAN network to communicate between the axes.

The drive unit features CAN connectivity (Photo: Leantechnik)

The AFP system enables to locate position brackets and clamps. Additionally, the modular system can centralize and incorporate components. It consists of one X-axis, one Y-axis, and one Z-axis. Each is equipped with a 24-V brushless DC servo drive that contains an integrated programmable controller and a CAN interface. Each axis and motor drive is defined according to the specifications of the customer and are combined according to the requirements of the application.

The modular AFP system allows combining up to three axes (Photo: Leantechnik)

The system was developed on behalf of a distinguished automotive manufacturer, who wanted to reorganize the fabrication of its chassis within the assembly process. A single production line ought to have the ability to produce different automotive models without having to rebuild the production line each time. To optimally meet these conditions, Leantechnik has conceptually designed the NC-Locator modules as a “System Assembly Kit”. It is composed of individual axis’s, motor drives, and connectors, which can be assembled to achieve designated parameters.

Each axis and motor drive is defined separately and combined according to the customer’s assembly specifications. As the basis of the NC Locators, the supplier applied its linear Lifgo 5.0 gear rack drives. The transfer of rotary forces into linear motion provides a lifting force of 2000 n with a lifting speed of 3 m/s and an acceleration of 50 m/s2


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