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Motor speed controller

Equipped with a dual-ARM processor

Curtis Instruments provides the AC F2-A motor controller for pallet trucks. The product comes with a CAN interface.

The motor controller can be connected via CAN to the 3140 display (Photo: Curtis Instruments)

This AC induction motor controller (inverter) uses a Cortex dual-core micro-processors. The product is optimized for use as a traction controller on 1-t and 2-t pedestrian-operated powered pallet trucks. It provides vehicle designers with the ability to define and control the detailed dynamic performance of their vehicle's drivetrain, and also provides vehicle management and CAN master capabilities. It is also suitable for traction or hydraulic pump control on other types of battery powered vehicles. Together with the Model 3140 LCD display and the Curtis Software Suite, the inverter is suitable for Class III truck control systems.

The motor controller is impervious to most oils, solvents, degreasers, and other chemicals often encountered by industrial vehicles. The CE marked and UL583 recognized controller is rated for IP65 environmental protection as per IEC 60529 and exceeds latest global conformance requirements for functional safety, electrical safety, and EMC.


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