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Aerial Working Platform

Hydraulic distributor controls the Spider lift

Palazzani (Italy) uses in its Spider lift CAN-connected hydraulic devices by Danfoss (Denmark). The higher-layer protocol complies with ISO 11783 series.

(Photo: Palazzani)

Palazzani is taking a step ahead in the evolution of Spider lifts the control systems, with the introduction of the proportional hydraulic distributor connectable to CAN. It is a hydraulic system “load sensing” type and the control interface with the operator is modulated, to grant an active “feeling” with the machine functions.

The system replies to the latest needs of integration and it derives from the capability of electronics to get machine and devices in communication on shared platforms. The Isobus application profile makes the machine to dialogue with its sub-systems. The hydraulic and electronic functions are integrated into the machine system. The proportional hydraulic distributor is equipped with the PVG 16 load-sensing proportional valve by Danfoss, a proportional joystick, and an electronic control unit. The ECU controls and monitors all valve functions. With the Spider lift, the operator experiences a real active “feeling” among all functions, stated the Italian manufacturer of Aerial Working Platform provider.

The PVG 16 load-sensing valve with electrohydraulic actuator (Photo: Danfoss)

The PVG 16 is a 65-l/min load-sensing valve with electrohydraulic actuator technology — the PVE Series 6 by Danfoss. The PVE-CI CAN interface optimizes the price-to-performance ratio by streamlining wiring and accelerates time to market by simplifying setup and configuration. The CAN communication continually provides valuable valve performance data such as fault monitoring and actual spool position. This simplifies serviceability and reduces downtime. Danfoss provides Isobus and CANopen support.


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