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Linear drive

Stepper motor with external shaft

Schneider Electric provides the Lexium MDrive (LMD) linear actuator. Its CANopen interface complies with CiA 301 and CiA 410.

The LMD-42 linear actuator in Nema 17 format is available in IP65- and IP20-rated versions (Photo: Schneider Electric)

The launched actuators integrate a 1,8° 2-phase stepper motor, external shaft linear mechanicals, and drive electronics. A graphical user interface is provided for setting parameters. The products may include a programmable motion controller with on-board I/O, enabling stand-alone motion control without the need of an external host controller. The linear drive features real-time capability and closed-loop performance. The devices are available in IP20- and IP65-rated housings.

The closed-loop performance is available in products with either a multi-turn absolute encoder or incremental magnetic encoder. Closed-loop performance maintains functional motor control to prevent loss of synchronization, offers variable current control, torque control, and use of the motor's torque range. Multi-turn absolute encoders may benefit users by detecting and storing position information, even when powered down. This can eliminate homing routines and reduce setup time at system startup.

The linear drives are suitable for machine builders, who want a robust motor with integrated electronics and linear mechanicals. Reduced system cabling can minimize problems due to electrical noise, while closed-loop products deliver enhanced performance. Fewer individual system parts eliminate multiple potential failure points.

The CANopen interface complying with CiA 301 and CiA 402 support also the optional SYNC and EMCY functionality. The handbook is not always in line with CiA terminology. For example, it mentions in the introduction the support of LMT services, but in the referenced chapter it describes the LSS services. Besides the Heartbeat function, the CANopen interface also supports Node- and Life-guarding as used by legacy CANopen host controllers.


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