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For flow-control valves

Hydraulic amplifier and controllers with CAN

Fluitronics (Germany) offers the FPC1 plug amplifier, the FPC4 proportional valve controller, and the FMC6 mobile controller. All of them are equipped with a CAN interface.

FPC1 plug amplifier (Photo: Fluitronics)

The function of the digital plug amplifier is to drive the proportional solenoid by a potentiometer or a joystick. It can be directly integrated on the DIN coil. The amplifier is configurable via USB or directly per button. It is available in different versions, with M12 plug connector or with cable. The optional CAN interface enables integration into the machine’s overall control system.

FPC4 proportional valve controller (Photo: Fluitronics)

The digital controller is used for activating four proportional solenoids with a potentiometer or per joystick. It can be parameterized via display, USB interface, or the hyper terminal, which is available on Windows computers. The FPC4 can be connected to a host controller via the CAN interface.

The programmable controller for mobile applications features six PWM outputs and eight inputs. The product is suitable for compact electro-hydraulic systems or for subsystems, which are connected to the CAN-based in-vehicle network.

FMC6 mobile controller (Photo: Fluitronics)

Fluitronics supplies also the FPR10 flow control valves. They are used for load independent and stepless adjusting of the operating speed of hydraulic consumers. An electro-proportionally adjustable orifice realizes the control of the oil-flow. The special structure of the orifice enables the adjusted oil-flow to be independent of the viscosity of the operating fluid. The encapsulated coil and the seal between coil and pole tube prevent liquid entry into the solenoid. The valve can be used in 2- or 3-way operation. When used as a 2-way regulator, port B as to be blocked. In 3-way operation the higher pressure level can either be at port A (control oil-flow) or B (bypass oil-flow). The cartridge design enables integration into different hydraulic systems. The supplier offers standard versions with pipe housing and for flange mounting to hydraulic motors.


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