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Servo controller

The integrated drive features a 350-W motor

Groschopp has developed the low-voltage Black Panther servomotor series. The products provide a CAN interface.

Typical applications of the EGK80-40 include autonomous guided vehicles (Photo: Groschopp)

The EGK80-40 of the Black Panther series comprises an integrated servo-controller and requires little installation space. Its operational low-voltages are up to a maximum of 60 V, which makes it particularly useful for mobile applications such as autonomous guided vehicles. By means of optimizing the active core elements (e.g. stator, rotor, magnets) and by implementing a modern single-tooth winding it was possible to increase by factor two to three the power density compared to conventional high-end servo-motors stated the supplier. The motors optimized for a sinusoidal current feed, and often described as three-phase-synchronous servo-motors, generate a constant and steady torque when operated with a servo-controller.

The expansion of the low-voltage model range with the introduction of the EGK80-40 has certain technical advantages: the optionally generated sinusoidal commutation offers higher efficiency, constant velocity (especially at lower speeds), low-running noise, and less heat generation compared to conventional block-commutation.

The EGK80-40 features an integrated servo-controller. The amount of cabling and the installation room needed is reduced to a minimum. Despite its compact electronic controller, it boasts the same functions compared to centralized controllers. The integrated drive-concept requires no special training. It is, therefore, an "out-of-the-box" solution and ready for operation stated Groschopp in its press release. Using the Windows-based operation-surface of the programming software, the basic parameters of the drive can be adapted without substantial pre-knowledge. Complex processes can be programmed via several digital and analog in- and outlets as well as an internal MPU (Motion Process Unit). The software offers, besides monitoring-tools, functions like an oscilloscope-mode as well as various diagnostic and tuning functions. The EGK80-40 provides by default CAN connectivity.

The 350-W servomotor can absorb short-term current peaks of up to 50 A. Internal sensors monitor voltage and temperature on a continuous basis and switch-off the motor at overload. Current limits can also be preset using the software so that any deviation of nominal values are immediately detected as a malfunction and signaled via the CAN interface.

The Black Panther EGK-series was originally developed for 325-V/560-V power supplies. The tendency now is moving more and more to decentralized applications for motors and controllers. Groschopp now offers the products for 24-V up to 60-V power supplies, which are used in battery-operated systems. The EGK80-40 can be integrated directly into any battery system. In logistics, for example, battery-operated autonomous shuttle-systems and driverless floor-borne vehicles are used to an increasing degree. Servomotors with the integrated controller are clearly advantageous in such applications said Groschopp. Although permanent-magnet DC-motors have similar characteristic curves like servo-motors, these DC-motors are far less efficient due to their carbon brush-wear, zero-positioning data and louder running noise, to name just a few factors.


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