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Motorized monopod with CAN interface

Gudsen Moza has developed a monopod, which can be connected via CAN to other equipment by the company. By some means, it is more like a slider.

The CAN-connectable Slypod acts as slider and monopod and communicates via CAN with other units (Photo: Gudsen Moza)

The carbon fiber constructed Slypod by Gudsen Moza weighs under 1 kg. It features a vertical payload capacity of 18 kg and a horizontal capacity of 12 kg. The product does not come with any feet or legs, meaning that the user needs to attach it to a stand to use it like a traditional monopod. It embeds a high-precision motion controller and a CAN interface. This interface enables communication with the Air-2 thumb control unit, Aircross camera stabilizer, and i-Focus lens control unit for multi-axis cameras.

The motorized movement can be controlled through physical buttons on the handle or through an app. You can change the speed by pressing longer on the “±” buttons. According to the provider, the Slypod is capable of moving very slowly or quite quickly. It comprises a power density geared motor that is capable of producing a 1-N/m torque.

Gudsen Moza develops imaging products based on sensor fusion algorithm and high-precision motion control. The company has a variety of independent intellectual property rights and patents. Its imaging products, i.e. handheld stabilizers, enjoy a high reputation in the industry and are sold out in more than 100 countries. The products are intended for professional video-makers.


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