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Servo controller

Moons' acquires Technosoft

The Swiss CiA member Technosoft Motion becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Moons' (China). Another CiA member, Applied Motion Products is part of the Chinese company since 2014.

Besides Applied Motion Products and Lin Engineering, Technosoft is now under the umbrella of Moons’ as a subsidiary (Photo: Moons')

In March 2019, Moons’ and Technosoft have completed the transfer of shareholding rights. Both companies offer CANopen motion controllers compliant with CiA 301 and CiA 402. After the acquisition of Technosoft, the Chinese mother company owns an operation unit that integrates research and development, manufacturing as well as marketing in Europe, together with Moons' Europe (Italy) and AMP & Moons' (Germany), which focus more in sales. The regional operation center is a key part for the Chinese company to implement its global "Smart Micro Motion" strategy. Technosoft Motion was established in 1994, the headquarters is located in Zug (Switzerland). The Swiss company has pioneered the controller and drive in a single unit in over 75 countries.

Already in 2014, Moons' had acquired the CiA member Applied Motion Products (USA) also offering CANopen-connectable drives. The US company was founded in 1978 and is specialized in providing advanced stepper and servo motor drives. Beginning of May, the company hosts a one-hour webinar that reviews the features, benefits, limitations, and applications of integrated motor solutions. Recently, Applied Motion Product introduced the MDX series of integrated servomotors. The IP20‑ or IP65‑rated products support CiA 301 and CiA 402.

Daughter focused on micro-steppers

Another Moons' daughter company is Lin Engineering (USA), which was acquired in 2015. This subsidiary provides since more than 25 years micro-steppers. Some products support CANopen or Devicenet. In micro-steppers, the phase currents are changed in small increments causing the motor to advance in much smaller “micro” steps. While many more steps per revolution is worthwhile, the more important advance is the resulting smoothness of operation and its quieting effect on motor resonance, explained the company on its website.

Ted Lin, founder of Lin Engineering, characterizes stepping motor applications today using the following criteria: the need to provide the required torque at the desired speed; the desire for smooth motion; and the ability to provide micro-stepping accuracy. “Not all motors are created equal when it comes to micro-stepping,” explained Lin. “Actual positioning accuracies with 64 steps can vary from ±15 arc min to as low as ±1,5 arc min.” To put this accuracy in perspective, each step in a typical 64-step system translates to an average position change of only 0,6 arc min, providing a resolution of 12 800 counts per revolution.

With the overseas acquisitions – Applied Motion Products, Lin Engineering, and Technosoft – Moons' is one of the leading manufacturers of integrated motion control products within China. The Chinese company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Shanghai. More than 300 of the 3000 employees are engaged in research and development.