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Battery charger

Converting 3-phase AC to DC voltage

Bel Power Solutions offers the BCN25‑700‑8 on‑board battery charger. It provides J1939‑connectivity.

The 25-kW battery charger is liquid-cooled (Photo: Bel Power Solutions)

The battery charger is designed for charging hybrid and electrical vehicles operating in mining and industrial environments. It provides a 25‑kW output power. The product converts 460 VAC to 575 VAC voltages and 250 VDC to 800 VDC voltages. It is controlled by means of J1939 messages. Over‑temperature and output over-voltage as well as over-current protection is implemented. The battery charger comes in an IP65- or IP67‑rated housing. It is not intended for usage in public grids, because it does not meet EN 61000‑3‑12 for harmonics current emissions.


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