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AC/DC power supply

5-kW device provides CANopen connectivity

XP Power has developed the HPT5K0 series of power supply. They are suitable for industrial and medical applications.

The HPT5K0 features a three-phase 180 VAC to 528 VAC input voltage (Photo: XP Power)

The built-in digital control allows the setting of both the output voltage (0 % to 105 %) and output current (0 % to 110 %) via the CANopen interface. A graphical user interface (GUI) is also provided to support system development and to define user profiles. The chassis mount package measures 330,2 mm x 127 mm x 127 mm. The device offers an efficiency levels up to 94 %. It can be configured in series or in parallel with current sharing. This enables power systems with up to 25 kW and output voltages from 48 VDC to 400 VDC.

The product is suitable for a broad range of industrial, semiconductor fabrication, and medical applications, including high-power LED applications such as UV curing and heating, burn in equipment, lasers, motor controllers, industrial printing (2D & 3D), EV charging, test equipment, battery simulation, and medical imaging devices. The power supplies feature slew rates of less than 40 ms. A thermal-controlled fan keeps the units cool with minimal audible noise.

“The HPT5K0 series is so flexible and configurable, yet it delivers high-power density and high efficiency in a very cost-effective, powerful unit. It is easy to integrate, and its innovative use of multiple operational modes gives the flexibility that customers need to meet multiple high power application requirements,” said Gary Bocock from XP Power.

The power supplies are designed and qualified for EMC immunity in harsh electrical environments. Emissions are class B for conducted and class A for radiated, ensuring reliable operation and ease of integration, speeding up the process of obtaining system level approvals. The product is offered with a 3-year warranty.


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