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Solenoid valve array

Designed for commercial vehicles

IMI Precision Engineering has developed the IMI Norgren latching solenoid valve array. It comes with CAN connectivity.

The valve array (Photo: IMI Precision Engineering)

The solenoid valve array requires a single electrical connector and air supply. This allows on‑chassis field expansions with no additional wiring or air supply. According to the supplier this expansion can be done in less than 10 minutes. Rachel Lahr from IMI Precision Engineering said “We are really excited to be launching this new product to the commercial vehicle market. With the latching solenoid valve technology, we are bringing to market a product that will help OEMs, bodybuilders and dealers reduces total cost of ownership, decrease power consumption, and reduces overall complexity. By developing one standard solenoid for all on-vehicle applications, this flexible assembly can change the way that OEMs manage their on-board controls.”

The magnetic latching allows a single‑solenoid valve to replace a 2‑valve or shuttle combination, and the parasitic load of the solenoid is eliminated because power is not required to maintain the valve state. Finally, the array assembly reduces part number complexity, in comparison to existing solutions. Also, an additional bracket is not required for the assembly; it can simply be mounted directly onto a frame rail eliminating additional costs.


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