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Stepper motors

High torque for space-limited applications

Applied Motion Products (USA) offers a range of stepper motors in Nema sizes 8, 11, and 14. They can be controlled by CANopen drives featuring CiA 402 functionality.

The shown stepper motors can be controlled via the STF drive family providing CANopen connectivity (Photo: Applied Motion Products)

These lightweight motors offer torques up to 0,16 Nm at low speed. Even while sized smaller, the products operate with high-step accuracy and resolution as well as low vibration and noise. The Nema 8 version comes in two lengths (3,15 cm and 4,7 cm) and a holding torque up to 0,032 Nm. The other two variants, Nema 11 and Nema 14, are also available in two lengths and provide a holding torque of up to 0,1 Nm respectively of up to 0,18 Nm.

The launched stepper motors are suitable for limited space applications. This includes medical devices, 3D printers, analytical and medical instruments, textile equipment, laboratory automation equipment, surveillance equipment, camera controls, pumps, consumer electronics, packaging equipment, CNC machines, and robotics. To address customer requirements for specific connectors and couplings, the supplier provides its compact motors with customized cable and connector assemblies and a variety of options including flats, thru-holes, custom lengths, and more.

For basic step and direction control applications, operators can set up the miniature STR3 stepper drive with just a screwdriver. The STF stepper drive family offers on-board programming and CANopen connectivity. All software tools for these drives are free-of-charge. Q-programming provides the option to store motion profiles on the STF drives and execute profiles in stand-alone mode or via a digital I/O.


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