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In 65-mm size

More power for CANopen motor

Dunkermotoren has enhanced its BG 66X75 dMove motor. The product is CiA 402 compatible, can be controlled via CANopen, and comes with two CANopen connectors.

(Source: Dunkermotoren)

At some point the limits of physics are reached. But until then the motto is: Optimize as long as it makes economic sense, says Dunkermotoren. With the BG 66X75 dMove, the company has optimized the power density, i.e. the mechanical output power per installation space. At the same time, the product in this motor size breaks the sound barrier of over 300 W continuous output power for industrial motors for the first time since its introduction 20 years ago.

As in many sporting disciplines, power is not the only criterion for success with electric motors. Only in combination with intelligence can the power pack fulfill a multitude of tasks. In addition to simple speed and position control, the motor can be controlled via CANopen and via freely definable digital inputs. In order to meet the need for maximum flexibility in customer applications, these motors can be freely programmed.


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