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Servo system platform

The drive platform CAN Motion from Koco Motion and Adlos has been extended by some features including CANopen interface.

The CAN Motion in the coin sorter application (Source: Koco Motion)

The one-step motor, encoder, and control servo system CAN Motion is a platform for customer-specific applications on the basis of integrated stepper motor controls. Thus the one concept offers many possibilities for different requirements. The motor can be programmed using the company’s free Stepperconfigtools.

For industrial applications, the connectors can be replaced with robust screw terminals. If desired, also the protection class can even be increased to IP65. For networking within complex devices, the servo system not only has an EIA-232 interface, but also CANopen.

At the SPS IPC Drives both companies presented the servo system in the application of a coin sorter, demonstrating a complex application without PLC (programmable logic controller). This coin sorter coins are separated, measured their diameter, respectively brought into position and finally fed to the right specialist.

The coin sorter has been constructed with three CAN motion drives. Each servo motor has to simultaneously meet a specific task. The release motor (1) serves as a barrier and drop the coin into the specially designed compartment. The vibration motor (2) transports the coins. This motor can then output a start signal to the turntable motor (3). After receiving this signal, the turntable motor reads the analog input.

The CAN Motion is designed as a closed loop. It can be programmed by commands or sequence programs. The supply voltage is 24 V, 2 A,and 48 V, 10 A.


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