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Battery management system

Software for stackable charging

Delta-Q has announced its entry into mid-range power charging through its stackable charging software.

The software allows for two to six chargers to link together to create charging solutions that can deliver up to 7,5 kW (Source: Delta-Q)

Driven by changes in the market, Delta-Q designed the stackable charging system for OEMs. The stackable solution provides can be used as an onboard or off-board charger or as combination of the two. It is suitable for electric vehicles in the urban mobility, utility, articulated booms, compact construction, and material handling industries.

Via the provided CAN interface the battery management system can be linked to in-vehicle networks and the telematics. The system charges battery packs of various chemistries. Possible voltages up to 120 VDC prolong battery life while minimizing charge time. Production starts in November 2019.

“This launch is an exciting move for Delta-Q,” said Steve Blaine. “With this new software, our products can scale across our customers’ electric product lines. OEMs will also have the flexibility to choose how they want to charge their products based on their needs.”

The Delta-Q software development team has more than a combined 60 years of CAN programing and customization experience. This team works directly with Delta-Q’s customers to deliver CAN-based charging solutions specific to their needs. Its current offerings include CAN communication for battery management systems and telematics integrations with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocols. Delta-Q’s software team has also built more than 200 custom algorithms, ensuring that users experience better run-time and flexibility for different lithium and lead acid battery chemistries.


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