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Electrical drive

Generating press forces of 2 kN to 1000 kN

Tox Pressotechnik has launched its electric drive product range, which is optionally equipped with CANopen interfaces.

The Tox drives include integrated sensors and monitors the pressing process (Source: Tox Pressotechnik)

The introduced electrical drives produce high press forces up to 1000 kN. The only disadvantage is the initially higher investment. With the product range by the German supplier provides system designers and users with complete and future-proof performance packages for the precise generation and positioning of press forces. This includes integrated sensors and process monitoring.

The drive system consists of the electromechanical servo drive, the controller unit, and the Tox software. Depending on the requirements and type, the servo drives have a ball screw. They are the preferred choice as drive for press systems or as single drives in work/process stations. For higher demands, the versions with planetary threaded spindle are available. Typical applications here are punching tasks and above all press applications with high joining speeds or press applications in limited installation spaces. Following close consultation, the optimum servo drive is selected from the five versions, complemented by optional accessories like piezo-electric sensors, fans, safety brake, automatic lubricating unit, or motor options like motor holding brake and absolute encoder.

The servo controller runs as central unit behind the drive system, responsible for operation of the servo drive as well as parameterization and visualization. Amongst others, the servo controller stands for fast commissioning, free parameterization, comprehensive programming, and diagnostic functions. It can be integrated into IEC 61131 programming and runtime environments. Furthermore, it enables the definition of process leaps, the setting of multiple conditions as well as the setting, definition and querying of variables. Additional features involve the possible switch to external force sensors, window and envelope monitoring, and special applications tailored to customer requirements.

The provided software consists of the Tox-HMI operating level and the Tox-Worx work-level and PC-communication programs. The PC-based software includes all required programs for configuration, parameterization, visualization, and diagnosis for controlling the machine and drive system.


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